Katherine Fabrizio M.A., L.P.C.


Helping Adults Who Are Hurting, Want To Feel Better And Need A Safe Place To Talk

A variety of internal and external stressors may cause a client to seek out counseling. The following is a list of such issues. Keep in mind that although this list of symptoms or life situations acts as a guide to get help, everyone I treat is a unique individual. The fact that you are in emotional pain and want to get better is our starting place.


I Help Adults Who Feel Upset And Stuck In Their Personal Lives, Need a Safe Place To Talk and Heal.

You walk around feeling a heaviness or perhaps you have butterflies in your stomach. Maybe you feel jumpy and snap at the slightest little thing. You might tear up easily and are not sure why. Family and friends may have begun to notice. You want to be friendly and loving but you just don’t have the energy or the patience. You don’t like who you have become. Perhaps these feelings are starting to take a toll on your health and you might have trouble sleeping or you feel like sleeping a lot of the time. Whether it is the wet blanket of depression or the scattered fearfulness of anxiety you know you aren’t yourself. You might even have a lingering feeling that these thoughts and feelings go way back but you just haven’t wanted to deal with them.

You May Have Tried

You’ve tried self-help books or Google searches but you haven’t turned up anything that applies 100%.  Maybe you have even seen someone for therapy and they just didn’t get you. You have turned the problem over and over in your head so much so that you are tired of hearing yourself talk/think. Possibly you have confided in a best friend or family member. Or perhaps the problem feels so shameful you can’t bring yourself to talk to anyone that is actually IN your life. You can’t bring yourself to tell them everything.  And goodness knows you don’t want to be the next water cooler topic at the office. Perhaps you’ve tried medication and it wasn’t effective or you’d rather figure it out rather than mask the problem. Meds may have helped but you still need more. You don’t want to be numbed up, talked down to or given a one size fits all solution. You have a brain and think of yourself as insightful but you just can’t figure this one out alone.

Why It’s Not Working

The “one size fits all cure” never takes you into account fully. Whether or not meds have helped, you fear the root of the problem remains untouched or you just don’t want to BE medicated. Your friends and family are too much IN the story to be objective. And the advice type solutions don’t take into account how unique you and your situation are. You are one of a kind, with complexities and nuances no one size fits all solution can touch.

What Will Help

You want someone who is going to get you at a deeper level. Someone using an approach that takes into account that you can think for yourself. I have had the privilege of hearing clients stories for the past 30 years and seeing them not only get relief from emotional pain but blossom into thriving creative humans. When your pain is understood at the deepest level amazing healing is possible. A healing that can take you from feeling lost in a life that reads black and white to experiencing life with a new clarity in living color.

Why Me

I have a Masters degree in clinical psychology and am licensed as a professional counselor. Personally, I have raised two children, been a wife, mother, daughter, stepmother and stepdaughter. I have experienced the healing power of psychotherapy as part of my training and have undergone life-altering transformations that have led me to fulfillment I never before dreamt possible. I not only talk the talk, I walk the walk.

As a psychotherapist of 30 years, I have seen the healing power of the heart when pain is met with compassionate understanding. New levels of awareness open up and life becomes worth living …even better than before.

Counseling for:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Loss and Grief
  • Divorce
  • Step parenting
  • Trauma
  • Gay and Lesbian Issues
  • Relationship Dysfunction

  • Co-dependency
  • Self-Esteem Problems
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Eating Disorders
  • Spiritual Issues
  • Mindfulness
  • Creativity
  • Midlife Crisis/Awakening

Survivors of:

  • Sexual Abuse
  • Trauma
  • Suicide

Adult Children of:

  • Alcoholism
  • Divorce