Are you feeling down, worried, sad or overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn?

-Do you
need to make changes in your life but feel stuck?

-Do you
wonder if your past is holding you back?

Do you………
a) keep making the same mistakes in relationships?
b) don’t know whether to stay or leave a current relationship?
c) can’t leave a relationship that is bad for you?

-Do you
have issues that are deeply private and need professional attention.

You might have hoped it would get better, but some things just don’t get better on their own. In fact, when psychological problems are not addressed they frequently get worse.

I know:

  • If this were simple or easy, you would have figured this out a long time ago. It’s complicated.
  • As a woman, relationships are incredibly important to you.
  • You don’t want to be stuck in the past but you know the past matters.
  • You can’t see your way forward, by yourself.
  • You want to get on with your life and make the changes you need to make to feel better.
  • You want to be seen as an individual, not a diagnosis.

What will help:

  • A private setting and a therapist who won’t judge you.
  • A therapist with both training and experience.
  • Encouragement and support
  • A therapist who knows what works and what doesn’t.

Why me:

For over 30+ years I have helped women like you to find their voice and claim their life and feel better. I look more deeply and listen more carefully at both the conscious and unconscious reasons that keep you stuck and unhappy. As much as they’d like to, friends and family just can’t do this for you. They are in your life. And, many times, part of the problem.

You need a safe place to talk and to get clear and to healThis is where you can go deeper and really get better.

If it is time to talk I am here to help.

Read what others are saying…

“Finding the right therapist can easily get overwhelming, the list of desirable traits often ranking up there with what we wish for in a dream partner. But justifiably so. The right therapist can literally change your life. For me, I needed someone who I could trust, and someone who was bright, not just intellectually, but intuitively and emotionally, as well. I wanted someone seasoned, someone who had really lived their life, not just read about it in a book, and someone who thought of their job as a calling to guide and serve, instead of just a pedestal for themselves or their careers. I also needed someone sensitive, someone who had a calming effect on me, and someone who knew how to listen deeply, beyond even what my words would convey. If any of my list matches yours, Katherine Fabrizio is the right therapist for you. She changed my life. I’m writing this review, so you have the chance for her to change yours.”

Brynne Betz M.A. (former client)

“Therapy gave me the tools to take real steps into the idealized version of myself I talked about. I used to use a mental image of the idealized version of myself as a stick to beat myself with. Now I feel like I already am that version of myself, that’s just who I am. I’m a lot better at setting boundaries and not so much of a people-pleaser like I used to be. I feel really aligned with the best parts of myself.”

  “Now I feel more deserving of good things, so I make them happen. And it feels really good to be the kind of person and the kind of daughter I’ve always wanted to be. It was always there, just buried underneath a lot of stuff. It’s like a blanket of shit has been lifted off my life that has allowed me to move forward.”

Sara M.

“Your research and care have given hope to many of us where there was never any at all. I’m not sure I’m able to explain just how much that means to me personally anyway. To restore hope in the life and mind of another human being is without a doubt the greatest gift one could give another.”

“Just……thank you.

Brightest and best blessings to you and yours.”

Joy Campagne



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