Category: Everything You’ve Wanted To Know About Counseling But Were Afraid To Ask


You walk around feeling a heaviness or perhaps you have butterflies in your stomach. Maybe you feel jumpy and snap at the slightest little thing. You might tear up easily and are not sure why. Perhaps a relationship that is very important to you is in trouble or ended. It could be that something from your childhood is haunting you… and having an effect on your life now. You may have talked to friends and family but they are in your life….or even part of the problem, besides it is personal. You may even tried self help books or meds before – but they just didn’t get you where you need to go.

Below are videos that detail some commonly asked questions about counseling. Click their titles to watch the videos.

Will I Do All Of The Talking? Help From A Raleigh Therapist

When considering counseling you may wonder,  “Will I do all of the talking?” While the focus is on you, and you will do most of the talking the therapist will ask you questions to guide you. Those questions might be as broad as, “What brings you here?” or a specific as, “What was the first time […]

How Do I Choose a Counselor and What Do the Different Degrees and Licenses Mean?Help From A Raleigh Therapist

“How do I choose a counselor and what do the different degrees and licenses mean?” This is a confusing one that stumps a lot of people.  Let me see if I can sort it out for you. A variety of professionals see clients for counseling or psychotherapy or sometimes is referred to as simply therapy. […]

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