What if I get emotional in my therapy session? 

First of all, it is so important to remember your therapist spends his or her day every day dealing with people who are emotional. It is what we do and what we have chosen to do.
Therefore, we welcome it when people are real.
It’s OK… really….
It is perfectly understandable that you would get emotional when you are getting to the heart of what matters to you.
You get emotional when you let your guard down enough to cry.
Your therapist knows it is a sign you are talking about the stuff that really matters. Plus a wellspring of pent-up emotions usually comes spilling out when you give them voice.
A good counselor will reassure you and make you feel as comfortable as he or she can because we know it is all part of the process. This is why counseling is different from other social relationships.
Getting to the emotions is the point!  In fact getting emotional is necessary and welcomed in a therapy session.
There is no other agenda. So relax, let your guard down. It is ok here.