katherine-photoWhy Do I Need to Come Once or Twice A Week To Therapy? Help From a Raleigh Counselor

So, you have found the counselor for you. You have set a schedule with your counselor and while you might wonder if once or twice a week is too much to commit, there are good reasons for the schedule.

Pragmatically it gives you and the therapist something to depend on. You set the time aside for each other and the work you plan on attending to. The therapist sets the time aside for you and you protect and count on, that time.

At the more subtle, yet profound level of healing the fact that you plan on a mutual time to focus on your thoughts and feelings sends the message to your unconscious that this matters.

What you intentionally give importance and attention and care to …. heals.

So, if at all possible keep to the therapy schedule and protect that time. If you must cancel, reschedule as soon as you are able.

Your conscious pain brings you into therapy. The unconscious underpinnings are what brought you into pain in the first place and keep you stuck in that pain unless that pain is made conscious.

The unconscious made conscious is what will set you free. 

In order to make the unconscious conscious, you need to address it on a consistently reliable basis. That is the primary reason for regular sessions.

Know that the enemy of awareness is resistance. And resistance is always there. It is the gremlin working to lull you back to sleep.

An excellent way to work with the resistance is to tell your therapist about it. The resistance itself has loads of information. Instead of letting it control your behavior work with it.  Show up, speak your mind, keep to the schedule and feel the feelings!

It is that simple and profound.