What if I don’t feel like talking? ……

If therapy is really addressing significant issues, there will be times when instead of being eager to talk, you will feel like clamming up.
This is to be expected.
This is where the structure of regular times and regular sessions are in fact well …therapeutic.
Here’s the deal- emotional pain brings us into therapy and any subject that causes us pain also has a component of resistance. Resistance is that feeling of – not wanting to talk, not having anything to say.
  We repress/bury/forget painful stuff. The tip of the iceberg is the pain that usually what brings you into therapy. But the rest of the iceberg is buried to the conscious mind.
It still has an effect on you but it is out of your awareness. Many times life experience forces it into awareness- thus the presenting pain. The YUCKY stuff comes to the surface. As we start to feel better and get away from the yucky stuff we don’t want to bring up the rest.
But in order to really get better and break dysfunctional patterns, you need to get to the root- that hidden part of the iceberg.
Chances are – the hidden stuff is having way more an effect on your life than you are aware of.
So yes -this is where applying the discipline of going to your appointment even if and especially if you don’t feel like talking. Dig deep and pull up the yucky feelings. Give it voice.  Air it out.  This is where you can really lean into the full experience of all therapy can offer and make lasting change.
You could just break through some blocks that have been weighing you down in ways you were unaware of, until now.