520(1)If you struggle or have struggled with your relationship with your narcissistic mother, my guess is you are determined to do things differently.

While your own struggle has been painful, this may open the psychological door for you to make the very changes that can set both you and your daughter free.

If you are like so many of my clients who have narcissistic mothers, you are over compensating and trying to do it all and be it all.  You may find yourself exhausted, cranky and far less loving than you want to be.

Millions of mothers are feeling this crisis of doing doing doing-  buckling under the hyper- masculinized pressure to control… rather than relate.

Then they see their relationship with their daughters crumble under the pressure. They wonder what happened. 

This crisis is ushering in a new way.  The old paradigms of micromanaging, hyper-controlling and covert shaming are falling away.

Come close; I have some secrets to tell you.


There are some things your narcissistic mother never told you. She couldn’t tell you because she didn’t know.

There is nothing wrong with you. You have value far beyond what you have imagined. The maternal line has long lost touch with what is best about them

You won’t find that power running yourself ragged all day long, micromanaging your daughter and providing her with one more thing, one more opportunity! 

That thinking is based on fear and scarcity- and its logical outcome is narcissism. This new paradigm is different.

Parenting your daughter from a place of wholeness is your key to the connection you long for.

There is a change coming. And you can be on the forefront of the change.

By rebalancing the script, you are a pioneer in making the shift and to tapping into your feminine power.

These feminine powers have been long buried deep inside of you just waiting to be reborn. This is real, and this is real powerful.


This change is within your grasp, and this will change everything. It will feel good and natural.

As you move out of this narcissistic paradigm -born of covering up feelings of unworthiness you-

Turn lecture into witness

Control into connection

Actually doing less, but feeling more satisfied. Knowing what to do and how to do it.

First Published on Daughtersrising.info