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( Treatment for depression- help from a Raleigh therapist)

First, let’s look at how depression feels?

That heavy wet blanket feeling… leaving you sad, lifeless and uninterested in anything.

And, major depression can make you feel emptied out or gutted like a fish.

Or, aggravated depression leaves you agitated and irritated at everyone and everything.

One thing is for sure; living with depression is no way to live.

You feel as though you are slogging through quicksand. It takes all your energy just to do what MUST be done.

You have no energy for imagining what you want to do. Want. What the hell is that?

It must be nice to want something. You want to stop feeling like crap.

Or you feel like you could cry at everything.

You see nothing but hopelessness. You feel no joy, no light, only darkness. You may feel guilty and worthless in the pit of your stomach, sometimes sick to your stomach.

Sleep may be the only escape but sometimes you can’t sleep because you wake up and worry about everything.

Worthless worrying.

You feel guilty for sleeping, yet go to sleep is all you want to do.

Go to sleep and stop time, yet time crawls. Time is lost.

You feel lost.

Many depressed clients have described feeling just this way. 

What can you do?

Therapy for depression often involves getting clear on the roots of the problem. That work is hard if not impossible to do by yourself.

At times you might not know what it is you are angry or disappointed about. It takes digging deep with someone you trust.

Grief, disappointment or anger that hasn’t been consciously acknowledged can drop you in the quicksand of a depression you cannot climb out of by yourself.

Although I am very conservative about medication, if you are experiencing this level of depression medication should be considered.

But please,  don’t stop there. You still need to talk to crawl out and stay out of the grip of depression.

Don’t let it defeat you.

You can and will feel better.