Why get professional counseling instead of talking to a friend?- advice from a Raleigh therapist 


Sometimes you should talk to a friend. There are times when friends tell you things you need and want to hear. But at the end of the day friends and family ..well they are in your life. They have a history with you and many times have a personal agenda. They, by definition, can’t be totally objective.

Also, you might have gotten to the point where friends and family have run out of a listening ear. Or you might have the experience with a friend where they are always waiting for their turn to talk.

With a therapist the agenda and the focus is clear. The focus is on you and the agenda is helping you feel better and get you where you want to go.

Many times it is unclear when you are talking to someone else what the other person is getting out of listening to you. It’s just human nature. With family and sometimes friends our relationship by definition has a history. There are many relational ghosts in the room.

With a therapist, there is a monetary exchange as well as professional satisfaction.

The business part of the relationship with the therapist is straightforward. You are paying them for their time and expertise. They may LIKE you quite a bit and celebrate with you your accomplishments but it is not a social or familial relationship.

Oh, and not to mention there is the whole privacy thing. Unlike friends and family members your counselor is held to legal and ethical constraints to keep your information private.

There is a time and place for advice, feedback, and support from friends and family. It is one of life’s joys making life rich and full. However, there is no substitute for what the therapeutic relationship can offer with its emphasis on helping you in the most objective and private way possible.

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