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How Can I Tell if I Have Found the Right Therapist?- Help From a Raleigh Therapist

How Can I Tell if I Have Found the Right Therapist?- Help From a Raleigh Therapist For my answer to this question: After using your head and finding someone who has the right training and fits your needs and schedule, you need to use your heart and your gut. Getting to the heart of what […]

Why Get Professional Counseling Instead of Talking To A Friend? – Help From a Raleigh Therapist

Why get professional counseling instead of talking to a friend?- advice from a Raleigh therapist  Sometimes you should talk to a friend. There are times when friends tell you things you need and want to hear. But at the end of the day friends and family ..well they are in your life. They have a history […]

What if I Get Emotional In My Therapy Session?  Help From A Raleigh Therapist

What if I get emotional in my therapy session?  First of all, it is so important to remember your therapist spends his or her day every day dealing with people who are emotional. It is what we do and what we have chosen to do. Therefore, we welcome it when people are real. It’s OK… […]

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Will My Therapist Judge Me?- Help From a Raleigh Therapist

 Will my therapist judge me?  This is one of the greatest fears people have when going into therapy. It is only natural. They fear that the therapist will judge them. I would even go as far as to say that almost everyone has something that they feel ashamed about… if not when they come into […]

What If I Don’t Feel Like Talking? Help From A Raleigh Therapist

 What if I don’t feel like talking? …… If therapy is really addressing significant issues, there will be times when instead of being eager to talk, you will feel like clamming up. This is to be expected. This is where the structure of regular times and regular sessions are in fact well …therapeutic. Here’s the […]

How Do I Choose a Counselor and What Do the Different Degrees and Licenses Mean?Help From A Raleigh Therapist

“How do I choose a counselor and what do the different degrees and licenses mean?” This is a confusing one that stumps a lot of people.  Let me see if I can sort it out for you. A variety of professionals see clients for counseling or psychotherapy or sometimes is referred to as simply therapy. […]

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