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Help with Mother Guilt From Raleigh Therapist-Katherine Fabrizio

  Help With Mother Guilt- From A Raleigh Therapist Katherine Fabrizio  A daughter came to me for help, describing a truly awful mother/daughter dynamic. Yep, that’s right, ripe for Jerry Springer stuff.  Mom alternately lifted her daughter up “You know you are the only one I can depend on.” only to dash her to the […]

Letting Go of The Mother You Wish You Had…Help From A Raleigh Therapist

Letting go of the mother you wished you had- From my psychotherapy couch, I see your face fall and an unbearable sadness come over you.  Your heart is breaking in two. The child in you is facing an unbearable loss. The love you want so very much to feel from your mother just isn’t going […]

How Should You Deal With Your Narcissistic Mother? Help From a Raleigh Therapist

Do daughters revel in their anger towards their narcissistic mothers? Blame mom!  Rail against mom! If it’s not one thing, it’s your mother, right? Although it might look this way on the surface, in my 30 years as a psychotherapist, I find quite the opposite is true. Most daughters want to feel love from and towards their […]

Giving The Love You Never Got From Your Own Narcissistic Mother To Your Daughter

Wake up. Wake up dearest. It Is Time To Wake Up Now. Time to wake up from your childhood slumber. You know the slumber that keeps you dreaming of a mother who will understand you and love you just the way you are. The one who is going to come along and make everything alright. […]

Why You Need Liberating ( Especially From Your Narcissistic Mother)

Let’s get real for a moment sisters. Women have been burned, owned and controlled, for a very long time. We know, as women, this oppression figures prominently in our collective history. What we might fully realize is how the mistreatment of women has taken a psychological toll on our mothers. This unfair oppression has generated […]

What Is Psychodynamic Psychotherapy? How Does It Help You In The Present? Help From A Raleigh Therapist

Psychodynamic psychotherapy addresses the conscious as well as the unconscious roots of emotional pain. What is the unconscious and how does it affect the present?  Let’s begin with how feelings become unconscious- You have to give credit to the brilliance of our psychological mind. It operates much like our physical body in response to pain. […]

Do You Need A Therapist Or A Coach?- Help From a Raleigh Therapist

Do You Need A Therapist Or A Coach You have been in therapy before and know you have issues. Not exactly messed up, but let’s just say you are on a first name basis with words like depression and anxiety. Your next of kin could be described as narcissistic, abusive or some other variety of […]

“Was I Sexually Abused And How Can Counseling Help ?” Help From A Raleigh Therapist

( “Was I Sexually Abused And How Can Counseling Help ?” Help From A Raleigh Therapist ) In my 30 plus years of conducting psychotherapy, I am asked more times than you might imagine, “ I think I might have been sexually abused, how can I know for sure?” I take that question seriously, very seriously. […]

How Does Therapy Work And Why Is Change So Hard ? Help From A Raleigh Therapist

When you first get into therapy, I’ll bet you will say you want to lose something.  “I want to get rid of this anxiety once and for all”. “I want to lose this depression for good!” What I almost never hear is,“ I want to lose this way of knowing myself and being in the […]

Money and Therapy : When It Gets Sticky and Feels Icky- Cancellation Fees And Paying For Therapy

So you’ve found a therapist you like and who seems to get you. You’ve had some insights with her that-if implemented, were worth their weight in gold. Sure you haven’t always felt like talking but once the session got rolling you usually came away feeling better or at least like you were finally addressing the […]

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