Do You Need A Therapist Or A Coach?- Help From a Raleigh Therapist

Do You Need A Therapist Or A Coach You have been in therapy before and know you have issues. Not exactly messed up, but let’s just say you are on a first name basis with words like depression and anxiety. Your next of kin could be described as narcissistic, abusive or some other variety of […]

Guilt, Daughter And Therapy- Help From A Raleigh Therapist

  Guilt, Daughters and Therapy: When daughters end up feeling guilty when they come to therapy. A daughter came to me for help, describing a truly awful mother/daughter dynamic. Yep that’s right, ripe for Jerry Springer stuff. Mom alternately lifted her daughter up, “you know you are the only one I can depend on” only […]

Relationship Counseling- Help From a Raleigh Therapist

When Trying To Have A Relationship Gets In The Way Of Relating. Are you trying too hard? “I don’t want to come across as a bitch but I sure as hell don’t want to come across as a doormat!” I hear woman after woman moan on my therapy couch. So many women struggle with this issue. “If […]

Mother/ Daughter Relationship Issues – The Delicate Dance From Dependence To Independence

( mother/daughter relationship issues) Let’s face it, mothers and daughters have a history. Is it any wonder they have issues? No other relationship is tasked with wrestling the competing urges of dependence and independence right from the get-go. From labor’s first contractions, mothers are both holding on to and letting go of their children. Let’s first […]

Treatment for Depression – Help From a Raleigh Therapist

( Treatment for depression- help from a Raleigh therapist) First, let’s look at how depression feels? That heavy wet blanket feeling… leaving you sad, lifeless and uninterested in anything. And, major depression can make you feel emptied out or gutted like a fish. Or, aggravated depression leaves you agitated and irritated at everyone and everything. One […]

5 ( Not So Obvious Signs) You Have a Narcissistic Mother – Help From a Raleigh Therapist

5 (subtle) Signs You Have A Narcissistic Mother After all – It is all about her, not you. Not every narcissistic mother becomes a movie star and stands saying, “I’m ready for my close up Mr. DE Mille”. Women have been socialized to appear accommodating and self-effacing which can obscure the underlying narcissistic personality disorder […]

Parenting Your Child After A Divorce- Help From a Raleigh Therapist

Help For Parenting Children Your Child After A Divorce- Help From A Raleigh Therapist You are hurt by the emotional upheaval of divorce and now want more than anything to spare your children. They are hurting and you want to make sure that they are going to be okay. You may feel swamped with guilt […]

“Was I Sexually Abused And How Can Counseling Help ?” Help From A Raleigh Therapist

( “Was I Sexually Abused And How Can Counseling Help ?” Help From A Raleigh Therapist ) In my 30 plus years of conducting psychotherapy, I am asked more times than you might imagine, “ I think I might have been sexually abused, how can I know for sure?” I take that question seriously, very seriously. […]

How Does Therapy Work And Why Is Change So Hard ? Help From A Raleigh Therapist

When you first get into therapy, I’ll bet you will say you want to lose something.  “I want to get rid of this anxiety once and for all”. “I want to lose this depression for good!” What I almost never hear is,“ I want to lose this way of knowing myself and being in the […]

Money and Therapy : When It Gets Sticky and Feels Icky- Cancellation Fees And Paying For Therapy

So you’ve found a therapist you like and who seems to get you. You’ve had some insights with her that-if implemented, were worth their weight in gold. Sure you haven’t always felt like talking but once the session got rolling you usually came away feeling better or at least like you were finally addressing the […]

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